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Management & Technical Audit : Mr. R. Chowdhury : ranajoy@Ljaykay.com
Management & Sales : Mr. A. Sinha : sinha@Ljaykay.com
Sales Prodip Kumar Mandal : pm@ljaykay.com
Dhanabrata Majumder : dbm@ljaykay.com
Services : Rajib Ghosh : rajib@ljaykay.com
Tania Das : tania@ljaykay.com
Accounts : Sujoy Sengupta : sengupta@ljaykay.com

Management :

Mr. J. Chowdhury is well known in the industry since last 30 years, educated in paper Engineering from Germany with hands on experiences in working in European Paper Mills and OEMS.

Marketing :

Widely known as one of the oldest Indian marketing Companies, with a reach extending from the smallest to the largest paper Mill. The team is led by Mr. R. Chowdhury amply supported by a team of qualified and experienced engineers.